How important is Heart in community affairs, science, technology, business, law, the arts, and even—no, wait! we urge especially today–in contemporary politics? The workshop on March 25 sponsored by the Santa Barbara Center on Lifelong Learning introduces a new field of scientific and other inquiry—Laughing Heart or Big Heart Intelligence. It will feature one of ten essential moves to experience, explore, and apply Laughing Heart. It is called “Creating Your Own Luck” (Move # 5).

The ½ day workshop will begin with a brief introduction to some of the modern tributaries to Laughing Heart in neuroscience, neuro-cardiology, positive psychology, Jungian psychology, and also its roots in East Asian and indigenous healing traditions and martial arts. Since prehistory around their supper fires our ancestors wondered about the extraordinary capabilities of the heart. Our goal here is to draw upon this ancient wisdom and experience in creating a framework for modern exploration and discovery that is easily understood and can be enjoyably practiced by anyone, anywhere in meeting the exigencies of daily life.

“Creating Your Own Luck” draws upon a fertile corpus of writing that explores Synchronicity, a subject that fascinates millions. Is Synchronicity “mere” chance, or is something more interesting going on? Are we mortals mere playthings of the gods, or do we have surprisingly greater dominion over our fortunes?

We have something new to add to this inquiry. It is a simple method to attract, follow, and measure, and thereby to influence this “a-causal” process. Creating Your Own Luck applies not only to good events but also to what appear negative ones; and, as we suggest, we can work creatively with the darker colors and wave forms in our lives and learn to harvest their potential. The secret—herein freely revealed—is not to hold on to the fruits of our labors and other good that comes our way. Rather hasten to pay this bounty forward, as Emerson wrote “line for line, cent for cent for cent, deed for deed.” In this way you create circles of virtuosity that enhance your own powers. There are striking parallels between frontier observations in quantum physics and Laughing Heart that we will explore in the program and in our next blog.

The Laughing Heart Initiative may be among the first of its kind to seek and apply these principles on the scale of an entire community. We call this “Celebrating Laughing Heart Advantage” (Move # 10), and we invite you by this simple workshop to begin a community wide narrative expressed in a new genre of “emergent art”. Santa Barbara is the first pilot city to light the flame of Laughing Heart for communities around the world.


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