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The Interviews

The following three interviews with international model, author, and photographer Elisabetta Valentini explore her artistic journey during the past thirty years. The interviews were conducted at her home in Florence, Italy in October 2017 by Julian and Angela Gresser in the form of a conversation in Italian and English. In the interview Angela provides her own insights and commentary on photography and design drawing on many years of studying Italian culture and language and living in Italy.  (These interviews were conducted in both Italian and English).


Interview 1

What My Soul (Anima) Wanted

The first interview, “What My Soul (Anima) Wanted” describes the beginning of Elisabetta’s creative passage when her anima first began to speak to her and how she responded. The link to the accompanying video taken from her days as an international model introduces her experience in the world of fashion.



Interview 2

La Sanita—”Open the Eyes and See” (Alza Gli Occhi e Guarda)

The second, “La Sanita—”Open the Eyes and See” (Alza Gli Occhi e Guarda) is a poignant portrayal of La Sanita, an outcast community within the city of Naples. Before photographing Elisabetta spent several weeks living in La Sanita, befriending its residents and playing with its children. This experience lit her resolve to devote her artistic talents to upgrading the life of the people of La Sanita. Her subsequent exhibit received wide acclaim throughout Naples and was recognized by the President of the Republic, Carlo Azelgio Ciampi.




Interview 3

Silence on the Edge of the Infinite

In the last interview, Silence on the Edge of the Infinite Elisabetta and Angela explore the discovery of silence in the creative process which Elisabetta recounts is taking her to the edge of the Infinite.







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