Conversations with the Future

This ignorant present, and I feel now
The future in the instant.

Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 3, Scene 5

Laughing Heart is a high energy state in which you begin to develop unusual visionary powers.

You may enjoy exploring this phenomenon. Here are two paths of exploration described in Piloting Through Chaos -The Explorers Mind.

Backlighting the Future

In a Laughing Heart state you paint a picture in your Heart/Mind of a future in which all your talents, powers, resources, and life experiences come together in helping you realize your highest and best destiny.

Then you very systematically trace backwards, specifically what were the seminal people, events, and circumstances that enabled this possible future scenario to come about, right back to the present.

Write down the pathway, study it, and fill as many details as possible.

This is not an idle pastime. Dr. Elspeth McAdam, a pioneering English psychiatrist has shown in her work with disempowered communities in Africa, Australia, and India that backlighting the future has an amazing way of actually coming to pass.

Try the exercise working with a friend, exploring with each other using the technique of appreciative inquiry.

Dream Incubation

You can incubate a question relating to the Future, after you have practiced Laughing Heart, and prior to going to bed.

Hold your question in your heart/mind eye; then simply let it go. Keep a pad of paper by your bed. When you awaken in the morning, write down any dreams you have, backward, taking the first dream element first, then the next and so on.

You do this so you don’t forget that element which is most fresh in memory. Often precognitive insights or even events will be foreshadowed in your dream. This is a deep and fascinating field.

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