Conversations with Harry S. Brown

Conversations with Harry S. Brown, MD, FACs, Founder Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International

Dr. Harry S. Brown is a pioneering eye surgeon who founded Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International in 1974. Thanks to his compassionate vision 460,000 people in over 70 mostly poor countries, who would have been permanently blind, can now see and live productive lives.  In 2014 Dr. Brown received the Surgical Humanitarian Award from the American College of Surgeons

The following conversations were recorded at Dr. Brown’s home in the springtime of his 86th year. The first explores the roots of SEE International and his original inspiration. It is called “The Gift”. The next conversations introduce the first in a series of stories and are entitled, “Let There Be Light”, “I am a Christian Man”, and “Two Blind Sisters.” Like the Arabian Nights the stories are set in exotic places and each story unfolds the personal stories of Dr. Brown’s patients and other characters he encounters on his journeys. Together they provide portrait of the intelligence, kindness, and deep humility of this very great man.

The Gift-Pt 1

The Gift-Pt 2

Let There Be Light

I am a Christian Man

Two Blind Sisters

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