Big Heart Intelligence
Laughing Heart Advantage

We are basically observing a continuous, compounding, cumulative, synergistic, resonantheuristic, exponential function or effect. It can be expressed mathematically as follows:

  • Compounding BHI Effect in a Smart Collaborative Innovation Network (S-COIN) (Initial 90 day trial): =(f) (BHI_p1(Δ+) x BHI-p_2(Δ+)…… x BHI p_50(Δ+) X (OSE Δ) X PFM (Pay Forward Multiplier) BHI Platform Effect X S (Synchronicity) where (t)=90…. n.
  • In this formula:
∑ = sum
(t)90 refers to the initial period of the experiment, i.e. 90 days
BHI Δ = each explorer’s BHI which is continuously increasing.
Open System Energy Increase = (OSE Δ) = where the qi and unconditional love within the Explorers Community is continuously increasing.
PFM (Pay Forward Multiplier)–where each explorer passes on a part of the benefits he or she is receiving without seeking reward or recompense
BHI Platform Effect—where the Platform itself becomes increasingly intelligent and interacts with and supports the individual explorer’s journey in many ways.
Synchronicity—an increase in apparently chance but meaningful events. It is not certain whether Synchronicity is an expression or a contributing cause of the BHI Effect or both.
  • The Compounding BHI Effect can also be illustrated graphically, where the x-axis represents time and the y-axis represents increasing BHI. The difference between the normal mode of transacting in the world and the exponential rising curve of BHI illustrates the BHI Advantage. The line depicting cubic growth describes intermediate levels of progress during the early years of takeoff.  
  • See also Metcalfe’s law which states: the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2).

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