Vital Santa Barbara’s Laughing Heart

The Laughing Heart Intelligent Guide offers every resident of Santa Barbara an affordable opportunity to increase personal health and well being in the next two years. It is the cornerstone of the Vital Santa Barbara Initiative, which was launched by a seed grant from the Santa Barbara Foundation in 2016.

The Guide contemplates a new field of scientific inquiry known as “Big Heart Intelligence.” We have arrived at a next frontier where the ancient knowledge of the extraordinary capabilities of the human heart can be creatively combined with 21st centurydiscoveries in neuroscience. This alliance of heart and mind can beneficially transform every field of human endeavor. The Laughing Heart Initiative may be the first attempt anywhere to apply these principles systematically to enhance the life of an entire city.

The Guide is based on 10 Essential Moves that are designed to help you experience, explore, and apply Laughing Heart directly. Each move is a portal of discovery that connects you to breaking good news The 10 Essential Moves are intended for all ages, ethnic groups, and communities of interest. The Laughing Heart Initiative will be introduced in a short course, “Creating Your Own Luck,”offered through the Center on Lifelong Learning on March 25.

What if the Guide Becomes Alive?

Imagine you can have your own personalized version of the Field Guide dedicated 24/7 to helping you navigate in the world. What if it can become:

  • A wise and trusted friend guiding you to make better decisions and to develop steadiness and balance in hard times;
  • A resource to engage with new friends and colleagues who share your passions;
  • A method to enhance your powers of perception and creativity;
  • A portal for continuous lifelong learning;
  • A means to cause acts of kindness and generosity to cascade in the world.
  • A chance to express your enhanced good health and exuberant vitality in any innovative way you can imagine.

Transforming an intelligent, interactive, and personalized Laughing Heart Field Guide into a community asset is among the highest and best uses of AI, machine learning, social media, and the Internet. The tools are readily available today. The costs have fallen to make the project financially feasible. With your help Santa Barbara can become a lighthouse for every other joyful and compassionate community in the world.

Please join us in celebrating Santa Barbara’s Laughing Heart Initiative.

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