Testimonials of Early Explorers of
the 10 Essential Moves of Laughing Heart

“The Laughing Heart experience rejuvenates the mind and body, while liberating the heart’s innate powers as a visionary, emotive, ethical, and spiritual faculty. A brilliant and timely innovation bringing healing to our troubled world.”

Gareth Presch, CEO, World Health Innovation Summit

“The Laughing Heart Program and app represent an exceptional and unique integration of the left (logic)and right (relational) brain functions, of the material and spiritual realms. I can say without exaggeration, that this a remarkable and powerful synthesis, which when applied has the power to change lives radically.”

Robert Hedaya, MD, DLFAPA, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
, Georgetown University School of Medicine, Faculty Institute of Functional Medicine

“There’s been a growing appreciation of the role of the heart in human well-being, but the Laughing Heart takes it to a new level — and it’s fun, too!”

George Lindamood, Author, Mathematician

“The practice of Laughing Heart has stayed with me. The graceful flow and beauty of each move has encouraged a gentle budding in my heart, the re-emergence of a simple happiness, and an intimacy with all of life. This return to the wisdom of the heart is a powerful antidote to the machinery of modern life.”

Simon Fox, Author, Oxygen for Caregivers: Guarding Against Burnout, Sustaining Compassion

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