• How to experience Laughing Heart consciousness in 15 seconds?
  • Why does Laughing Heart instantly change our powers of perception?
  • How to think like a genius at 94?
  • Why is BHI a key to exuberant vitality in our older (50+) years?
  • How is it possible for a 78 year old qigong master to get off a 15 hour plane ride from Tokyo to New York and dive into conducting a two day training program without even being tired?
  • Why is Beauty as source of exuberant vitality?
  • How to open the gates of experiencing Nature to receive and to comprehend the “signals” from all living things?
  • What is the connection of Laughing Heart to creative life force and vital power?


  • Why will Laughing Heart temper grandiosity and provide a balance to the excesses of a soaring sense of vitality and exuberance?
  • What are some exciting new scientific frontiers and domains of exploration involving BHI, neuroscience, and neurocardiology? And quantum physics? What are some immediate practical applications of these insights?
  • How does BHI enable us to “feel” the Future?
  • How does BHI enable us to “change” the past?
  • Why are music, qi, love, and healing intimately related?
  • In what specific ways does Big Heart IQ extend and enhance the body of work on emotional intelligence?
  • What are some exciting parallels between BHI and quantum physics?
  • Why is Scrooge’s transformation a model of increased Big Heart IQ? What caused it?
  • Might it be possible to “download” the creative energies of history’s great musical geniuses into our living cells and enhance their metabolism and vitality?
  • What is “intertidal” thinking; why is it useful and how can you cultivate it most enjoyably?
  • How are Big Heart IQ, sustainability, and the management of the contagion of stress and acute busyness inter-tidally connected?
  • What are some of the most interesting intersections between BHI and the creative arts? What new and interesting forms might a new genre of “emergent” art take?


  • How to Create Your Own Luck? Why do we become more powerful and alive the more we give away the bounty of our good fortune?
  • Why is “Seeing the Big Picture” enabled by BHI intimately related to risk assessment? How can BHI enable us to spot the deeper patterns and trends that are usually filtered out by our brain-centric tools and analytic intelligence?
  • Why is BHI the foundation for “strategic trust” in all major long term collaborations; how practically can you build strategic trust?
  • How to measure Laughing Heart Advantage?
  • How to go behind the mask in negotiations?
  • How to negotiate artfully with the “shadow” players?
  • How to predict the Great Florence Earthquake and prevent western civilization’s greatest art treasures from collapsing in rubble?
  • How to turn our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh in dealing with the most serious challenges facing the world today?
  • What is the relationship of Big Heart IQ and IP portfolio development?
  • How can Big Heart IQ help financial portfolio or wealth managers?
  • What are some of the most practical intersections of Big Heart IQ and commercial, social, and public innovation?
  • How might Big Heart IQ measurably enhance the effectiveness of mediators and others involved in conflict management?
  • What is the most urgent decision you face right now requiring wisdom and good judgment, and how might even a modest increase in Big Heart IQ help you?
  • What is the most practical way to integrate Big Heart IQ into the Global Reporting Initiative sustainability accounting procedures?
  • How can you best measure Big Heart Advantage? How can the proposed mathematical equation for BHA be refined?
  • What is the smartest way to gamify Big Heart IQ by analogy to Lumosity?
  • How can Big Heart IQ be most effectively presented to the captains of the 100 most imaginative and far sighted companies and non-profit organizations in the world?
  • What profession is in greatest need of a Big Heart IQ uplift?
  • What are implications of Big Heart IQ in enhancing our political discourse?


  • How can BHI principles and Big Heart IQ become part of the DNA of sustainable cities of the future? How might BHI enrich our definition of “sustainability”?
  • How will linking the systematic development of Big Heart IQ with economically “strategic” technologies and industries create massive new jobs and stimulate economic growth?
  • How can Big Heart IQ provide fresh insights in dealing with poverty, cruelty, ignorance, fanaticism, illiteracy, peace keeping, climate turbulence, loss of biodiversity, fear, loneliness, loss of meaning, and all the other forces in the world today that divide us?
  • What is required to reach a BHI inflection point to stimulate a cascade of self-reinforcing virtuous circles?
  • What are other exciting questions that we must add to the list?
  • What must we do to inspire every person with a generous heart and noble idea to join forces with us?
  • What might our world look like in five years if BHI becomes part of a global meme? If we were to “backlight” this alternative future, starting from the year 2022, what are the critical milestones that have enabled this sea change?

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