Resilient Santa Barbara Announces a New Bi-Monthly Online Program:

“Building Community Resilience and Immunity in the Age of Corona”

Extraordinary times create extraordinary opportunities. What if the international emergency that is shutting down life as we know it, restricting us to self-quarantine in our homes, simultaneously opens new paths of discovery, caring, and transformation? What if we can use this time wisely to cultivate Integral Resilience and turn our common adversity to collective advantage?

The new series is designed around our 5 Minutes to Resilience app and follows the popular Ringside Seat format of a round table discussion by experts, in this case health thought leaders and innovators, on a single question: How to Build Community-wide Immunity and Resilience in the Age of Corona? While we are all waiting for a miracle vaccine, what can we intelligently do NOW?

Please contact us to register for the program – enter “Register for Corona Online Program” in the email form subject line. The Program is FREE and based on Donations to the Santa Barbara Foundation, designated for Resilient Santa Barbara Initiative. The goal is to identify, explore, and curate best available practices and products and to build a bridge between an innovative public and the expert medical community. A new collaborative model is essential for enabling us collectively to navigate this global crisis wisely and compassionately.

Inaugural Program: Friday, March 27 @ 2:00 pm. PST/3:00 pm. MT; 5:00pm. EST. (Agenda and Panelists to be announced shortly)