Welcome to the Laughing Heart Initiative

The heart’s unique capabilities have been recognized since ancient times in diverse cultures.

Quieting the Heart

When we quiet the heart, our powers of perception through all the senses expand.

Finding Your Power

Imagine you are the Great Wave of Hokusai. Then experience the latent power of your Laughing Heart.

Discovering Beauty

What if Beauty starts to appear at every moment in your life?

Connecting to Nature

What if your Laughing Heart and the Laughing Heart of the natural world are essentially one and the same?

Harvesting Musical Genius

The heart's subtle energy field is fine-tuned to receive and to transmit special qualities of sound.

The Explorers Wheel

The Explorers Wheel and a Laughing Heart will enable you to connect everything with everything.

Immunity and Love

Laughing Heart is a bridge between love, immunity, and exuberant vitality.

Paying Forward

A single act of kindness can suddenly and without warning ripple through a social network.

Creating Your Own Luck

For all those who strive to turn the Wheel for better.

Laughing Heart Advantage

Celebrate our community's emergent story, expressed in diverse artistic forms and voices, of how heart in the end prevails over adversity.